Invivo Molecular Imaging is the industry leading provider for quality mobile PET/CT imaging services. With the application of state-of-the-art equipment, a dedicated team, and expertise in seamless facility integration,  Invivo Molecular Imaging has set the standard for confidence, quality care, and consistently exceeding the expectations of patients and trusted quality care.

UltraSPECT is a leading supplier of Software Products for the Nuclear Medicine imaging practices providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for improved clinical outcomes and patient safety delivered by Gamma Cameras and PET.

Based on proprietary and innovative reconstruction algorithms technology, Wide-Beam Reconstruction (WBRTM) is the Company’s solution to lower radiopharmaceutical doses, shorten acquisition times, and increase image resolution. UltraSPECT products include Xpress.Cardiac™,  Xpress3.Cardiac™, and Xpress/Xact.Bone™.

PharmaLogic offers a solution with a low dose program, giving medical professionals the ability to…

  • Utilize existing camera systems with half the standard radiation

  • Create ultra-high quality nuclear medicine images

  • Include MPI and whole body imaging