How Trusted Quality Care Works For YOU…

1 – Confidence

Manage your practice confidently with the service reliability expected from a first-in-class radiopharmacy company:

  • High Standards – We strive to exceed industry standards with our service quality and comprehensive involvement in all areas that impact your practice.

  • Experience – More than 1 million radiopharmaceutical doses are delivered annually to over 1100 customers across North America.

  • Sourcing – Multiple suppliers are strategically sourced to provide continuous supply to our customers.

  • Scale – Our scale and relationships are leveraged to mitigate the impact of any disruptions. By keeping our customers well informed and sourcing from all available supply, we help our customers to keep their practices running continuously, even in the midst of a global supply disruption.

2 – Passion

Have your network of radiopharmaceutical experts working 24-7/365 to deliver against the needs of your practice.

  • Logistics – Our fleet of in-house customer service associates provides a highly trained and competent logistics team dedicated to ensuring on-time delivery of isotopes to the right location at the right time.  Our team annually drives over 13.5 million miles, which would circle the globe over 550 times.

  • Trained Professionals – Each PharmaLogic site has trained personnel who work with you in the manner you prefer – phone, web, or mobile, to ensure we get you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

  • Your Needs First – We tailor make our service to fit your departmental needs. The expertise of our team provides an in-depth knowledge of where the industry is headed and helps us to anticipate and satisfy all of your clinical requirements.

3 – Quality

Give your staff and patients the highest quality radiopharmaceutical agents available.

  • Trusted Partner – Our radiopharmacists and staff are continually reviewing and implementing new best practices and regulations coming out of the industry, ensuring that your facility stays up to date on changes impacting your patients.

  • Quality Oriented – Behind every dose, PharmaLogic has regimented practices and continually validated equipment to provide optimum processes for quality and safety compliance.

  • Safety First – PharmaLogic’s highly trained staff adhere to and continually develop rigorous quality and safety procedures that contribute to an optimized and patient-centered focus.

Trusted Quality Care